Vacancy: Live In Support Worker Position


Have the ability to work within this unique residential model as a live in support worker?  We are looking for the right individual who is enthusiastic, reliable, and committed to supporting a young man in his own home, and to work closely with his family to provide a healthy and fulfilling life for this young man.


  • Interested in sharing a home with, and being an ambassador in the community for this young man?
  • Energetic, innovative and believe in inclusive opportunities for people of all abilities?
  • Able to be part of a young man’s life, including interests, assisting with his personal care and general daily living requirements?
  • Able to respect, value and understand his needs?
  • Able to work effectively within a team environment, as well as working independently with a creative and innovative approach?

As the co-resident you will:

  • Share a 3-bedroom house rent free
  • Share household expenses
  • Be paid a salary
  • Be employed through Hartley Lifecare
  • Attend to s personal health, physical and emotional needs/wellbeing
  • Shop with and for, and prepare healthy balanced meals from fresh food
  • Treat the home with respect and maintain a high level of cleanliness
  • Have school type hours and two evenings off during the week
  • Have alternate weekends off
  • Have 4 weeks annual leave
  • Hold a Senior First Aid Certificate, current Australian driver’s licence and car
  • Work closely with this young man’s family and Hartley Lifecare.
  • Obtain and maintain a working with vulnerable people card.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email for an Employment Application Form and a Position description.

Hartley Lifecare
Ph: (02) 6282 4411