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Event Details


Throughout August 2020


Anywhere, Anytime


100% Online Platform


Raise $250 for Hartley Lifecare

Sign Up

Register your details, choose your fitness target category and link your new #HARTR8 page with your Strava and Social Media Accounts. Use our hashtag #HARTR8 when sharing.

Crush It

Throughout the month of August, start work on completing your fitness target. Make sure you log your data on your #HARTR8 page to keep your donors up to date on your efforts.


Spread the word on your workouts and raise much needed funds for Hartley Lifecare. Each participant will have a fundraising target of $250, but we challenge you to go higher.

Fitness Target Categories

The Cycling Conqueror

Set your fitness target to cycle either 300km, 500km or 800km

The Running Rampager

Set your fitness target to run either 100km, 150km or 200km

The All Rounder

Set your fitness target to 650km, this can include 150km of running and 500km of cycling

The Gym Junkie

Set your fitness target to attend 5 gym classes/sessions per week


Participating Gyms

Thank you to our amazing gym partners who have generously donated 3 month memberships to be awarded to the highest fundraisers for #HARTR8. Make sure you utilise their amazing facilities when completing your fitness targets.