Top Fundraising Tips

Once you have set up your very own online fundraising page. Here are our top tips to make the most of your page and help you to raise funds:

Personalise your page by adding your picture and your story as to why you are doing this event

Share your page link via Facebook and email to let everyone know what you’re doing

Write fundraising and training updates on your fundraising page and share on Facebook!

Be proud, it’s an epic ride and you should feel comfortable asking people to support.

Best Top Tip… If you know that a family member or friend usually gives you a generous donation, try and get them to make the first donation to your fundraising page first. Then… when other people visit your page they may be possibly be inclined to match or 'out donate them!

You can raise money offline! If you want to hold an event to raise funds for your team, you can put together an event such as; a trivia night, morning tea, movie night, BBQ, fashion parade or a cocktail party – you are limited only by your imagination! Any offline funds that you raise you can be banked onto your fundraising page!