A Place To Call Home

“A Place To Call Home: The Story of the Benambra Intentional Community” was written by Sally Richards and her son Tim West. It tells the whole story of Benambra, including:

  • vision and values of Benambra, and the philosophy that underpins it.
  • The origins and history of Benambra, including the initial conceptualisation, the lobbying of government and non-government organisations, the championing of the project by the ACT Government under Katy Gallagher, and the way in which tenants were chosen.
  • A detailed description of all aspects of Benambra, including its physical structure, organisational structure, administrative and oversight structure, finance and care arrangements.
  • The essential features of the community, which have made it the great success that it is.
  • The benefits that the community provides to its residents, the greater community and the ACT Government.
  • The challenges overcome and and compromises agreed upon along the way.
  • The way in which we are safeguarding the community.

This unique book is a great resource for families, governments, non-government organisations and other interested people. It can be purchased for AUD$22 including GST. Post and packaging is $3.85. To purchase a copy, please get in touch with us, and we will post you a copy.

The book is complemented by the two year anniversary photo album, “Benambra: Two Years of Community Living”.

A Place To Call Home Preview

A Place To Call Home Preview

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