David Lander

The Hartley Cycle Challenge

Children and adults with physical and complex disabilities need our help!

We're supporting Hartley Lifecare, who provide accommodation, respite care and community programs for children, adults and their families in the ACT and region with physical and complex disabilities. We'd love you to sponsor our team and help Hartley Lifecare to continue making a difference to people with a disability!

Thank you to my Sponsors


The Green Shed


The Green Shed

Good Luck



BBQ and FD raffle


Tap & Go Sales


Recycling- Dhs Llb Ccc And Reed St

Go you green thing



Absolutely amazing work brother. Thanks again.


Dhs Launch Bbq Cash Sales


Collection Tins - Cafe


Jamala Raffle Llb


Jamala Raffle Ccc 31 Oct


Dhs Jamala Raffle

Manning clark reed st and llb


Michael Reed

Keep up the good work Lander!


Jamala Tickets Llb 18/11


Dhs Jamala Lunch Time Raffle Llb


Dhs Recycling

Green warrior


James Allen

Have a great ride Dave. Keep the rubber side up!


Kay & Grant Boyes

Great effort


Llb Bbq 20 Nov



Dhs Reed St Bbq


Llb Jamala Sales 7 Nov


Collection Tin Espresso Room


Dhs Bbq

Balance owing


Matthew Corkhill

enjoy the cold beers


Michael Lander

Awesome bro Love what ya done


Anthony Morgan

Hey Champion all the best to you and the team 😉 Enjoy the ride and stay safe🚵‍♀️


David Lander

Hartley Raffle tickets 0173- 0180


Reed St Bbq 7 Nov


Janet Facey

Keep up the good work Landers. You have made a big difference with all the time and effort you have put it.


Hartley Raffle Tickets


Southern Flights Cooma Airport

Please don't. We have cameras on the side of the building.


Billy Billy Creek Tours

Enjoy the ride long time


Tina Kennedy

Dave you are a great supporter of this wonderful cause. Thanks for all you do