James Roe


Children and adults with physical and complex disabilities need our help!

I'm supporting Hartley Lifecare, who provide accommodation, respite care and community programs for me and many of my friends.. 

I am aiming to increase my fitness by completing five targets each week.

1) Having a weekly session at Hydrotherapy Pool.

2) Working hard at my regular gym.

3) Doing my back strengthening exercises at least four times per week.

4) Doing yoga at least once a week.

5) Enjoying at least one of my regular sports each week (such as boccia and bowls). 

My Updates

Into the last week

Monday 24th Aug
This is the fourth week of my challenge and I am still doing well. I have reached goals every week so far and I am especially enjoying doing my yoga every week. Thanks so much to all my sponsors. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lynn Russell

Happy to support you James Xxxxx


Lucille Roe

James - keep up the daily/weekly programme. I will check the refrigerator door!


Diana Roe

Well done. You are halfway there now and working really hard.




Colin Roe


Diana Roe


Linmore Family

Good on you James!




Jane Hutchhinson

Good on you jamie


Katrina Holgate

Good on you James, let’s get your housemate and Max to have a go next year!


Julie Foster


Jen Shallcross


Tenzin Utak

Bravo James!! We are proud of you. You are our Inspiration. See you soon🙏


Dorjee Wangmmo

All the best James, you are capable of amazing things! Good Luck


Louise Allison

Well done James! Hope you reach your goals


Pema Yangki

Great James! Very creative and nice of you to come up with those goals. Keep going and good luck !


Kunsang Dorjee

James, we know you can do this and we are with you. Have fun and good luck.


Karma Karma

All the best. Do well.


Jess Surgeon

Great goals James! We look forward to seeing you each week at Hartley Hydrotherapy